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Anglian Water Common Terms Agreement

Unless the customer has informed us at least 2 working days in advance that he has evacuated the authorized premises, the customer remains obliged to pay taxes on water and / or wastewater after evacuating the authorized premises until the first of the following dates: we want to make your invoice as simple and convenient as possible, which means that we offer a series of payment methods that meet everyone`s needs, including the same payment method as just before the release date. All details are indicated on invoices and on our website and include online banking, telephone banking, direct debit, debit or credit card and cheque. www.anglianwaterbusiness.co.uk/help-advice/billing/ways-to-pay/ customers should contact us to discuss the best payment method or payment options if they have trouble paying their bill. We can be contacted on 03457 626784 or by email contactus@anglianwaterbusiness.co.uk or write to Anglian Water Business, PO Box 259, Rotherham, S98 1QU. For this purpose, 2 working days means a period of 48 hours, without taking into account a period on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or public holiday. Where a water consumption meter has been installed in the eligible premises, a positive meter shall be used to demonstrate that the eligible premises have not been evacuated. 21. Premises not connected to surface water drainage Our pricing system sets support conditions, including standard rates for the provision of retail water and/or sanitation services to eligible premises located in the wholesale area of Anglian Water. Each wholesaler has its own policy when eligible premises are not directly or indirectly connected to a public sewer for surface water drainage. Many wholesalers will grant an exemption or reduction in their surface water element charges if the eligible premises are not connected to a public sewer or lateral public runoff for surface water drainage. At the customer`s request, we may request such an exemption or reduction from the relevant wholesaler.

The customer must provide us with the supporting documents requested by the wholesaler concerned in order to demonstrate that no surface water from the eligible land is discharged into a public sewer or a lateral public evacuation. Each wholesaler has its own water supply construction policy. If a customer needs water for construction purposes, they must contact us and we will arrange a delivery with the corresponding wholesaler. Fees may be charged in accordance with the wholesaler`s instructions. All this work is the responsibility of the customer. First of all, the customer has the choice to pay the guarantee in cash or through the provision of a bank guarantee or, if we are satisfied that the customer`s parent company has a satisfactory credit quality, to a parent company guarantee. If the deposit or any other guarantee is not paid by the date we have communicated, we will charge you the amount of the deposit and, in case of non-payment until the due date, this amount will become a debt to us. Failure to pay this amount may have the effect of taking steps to collect the debt, paying interest and, where appropriate, terminating the water supply or sanitation services.

Remediation services are made available to an eligible site when they are drained by a sewer or sewer directly or indirectly connected to a public sewer that has been transferred to a wholesaler and is used for runoff or surface water or both (see section 144(1) of the Act). sewerage charges must be paid for each connected property, whether such service, facility or right is related to: (i) the drainage of rotten water in accordance with section 117 of the Act; (ii) the discharge of surface water, which can be defined as water that falls in the form of rain and includes (in accordance with section 219 of the Act) water from roofs; (iii) motorway drainage, i.e. a.b. collection of rainwater (other than surface water) flowing into public sewers; and (iv) commercial wastewater, as defined in section 141 of the Act. . . .