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Form 653W – Work Registration Agreement

(11) “FLAIR” means Florida`s accounting information resource. The online application is not available every day from 23:45.m to 2.m. Make sure you take enough time to complete the application before 11:45 p.m. .m. or you may lose all your information and have to start over. All information after 23:45.m. are lost. Your session will also be timeout if you stay 20 minutes or more on a page, which will make you restart the application from scratch. In order to ensure the smooth running of the application process, keep all the information available and allow yourself enough time to complete the process during the hours of availability. The RESEA program identifies workers residing in Alaska who are likely to use regular computer services and who need work assistance services to find a new job. When a worker is chosen for RESEA, participation is mandatory and compulsory.

unless they are excused or qualify. Failure to participate on the due date may result in the user interface being rejected until participation is complete. A worker may be denied benefits for a certain number of weeks. The worker shall be informed of the beginning and end of the period of disqualification. Some periods of disqualification may be due to eligibility issues, for example. B to a prohibitive reason to part with the last job. All workers with a full registration must register for work at ALEXsys, which includes creating and maintaining a job registration, profile, and posting a resume online at the Alaska Job Bank. If these requirements are not met within seven days of filing a first claim, this may result in the denial of UI benefits for that week. All workers with full work registration must also actively search for work and declare two weekly job search contacts for each week claimed. If the required number of valid job applications is not indicated on time, this may lead to a denial of benefits for that week. All workers normally posted to work by a trade union must have a good reputation with their trade union and be on the list of unemployed in order to obtain trade union registration. 2.

Within thirty consecutive calendar days of receipt of the completed form from Dr-653W, the department issues the administrator with a confirmation letter containing the salaries paid by an employer subject to the employment security tax contribution. . . .