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Illinois Section 218 Agreement

Section 6 of the National Guard Technicians Act of 1968, referred to in subsection (b)(5), is section 6 of Pub. L. 90-486, which appears as a note in section 709 of Title 32, National Guard. 7. The certificate required by the Governor (or a State official designated for that purpose by the Governor) in accordance with paragraph 3 of this Subsection shall be deemed to have been drawn up in the case of a division or part (created in accordance with paragraph 6(C) of this Subsection or the corresponding provision of the old law), consisting of positions of members of a pension plan: coverage under the agreement provided for in this Section, if the Governor (or the official so designated) certifies to the Commissioner of Social Security that – subsection (t). Pub. L. 99-509, § 9002 (c) (1), deleted Subsec. (t), which has been subject to judicial review of the decisions of the Secretary of Health and Human Services in accordance with the former subsec. (s) of this Section. Changes made by Section 103(i) of Pub. 86-778 applies only with respect to service rendered after 1960 and amendment by Section 103(j)(2)(G) of Pub. L.

86-778, which takes effect on 13 September 1960, see section 103 (v) (1) of Pub. L. 86-778, mentioned as a note to section 402 of this Title. 1987-Subsec. (n). L. 100-203, §9023 (c), renamed Subsec. (v) renamed Pars.

(4) or (5) as (3) and (4) respectively and delete former subsection (3), which was previously replaced by section 4009(j)(7) of Pub. L. 100-203 had been deleted from subsection (v) before being removed from the pub. L. 100-203, § 9023 (c) (1) has been renamed subsection(s). See below. Subsection(s). Pub.

L. 99-509, §9002 (c) (1), (2) (E), renamed Subsec. (f) in the “, replace “any agreement” with “except as provided in subsection (e) 2 of this section, any agreement”, and delete the previous subsection. (e) that the agreements provided for in this Section contain certain provisions relating to payments and reports by States and permitted the inclusion of certain provisions concerning workers employed in two or more political subdivisions of one State. Modification by the pub. L. 98-369 with effect from 18 July 1984, but shall not be interpreted in such a way as to modify or alter any rights, liability, status or interpretations that existed before that date (in accordance with the legal provisions in force), see section 2664 (b) of Pub. L. 98-369, which appears in section 401 of this Title.

L. 99-509, Title IX, §9002 d), 21 October 1986, 100 Stat. 1972, which provided: `Section 3126 of Title 26, which entered into force in this Section, The Internal Income Code, amending this Section and Sections 405 and 424a of this Title, as well as Sections 1402, 3121 and 3306 of Title 26, as well as amendments to former Section 3126 of the Title as Section 3127] shall be effective with regard to payments; wages paid after 31 December are due in 1986, including wages paid after that date by a State (or political subdivision) to which its agreement has been concluded in accordance with the provisions of section 218 (e) (2) of the Social Security Act [subsection (2) of this section] before the date of entry into force of this Act [oct. 21, 1986]; with the exception that, in cases where, in accordance with the current timetable, tax executions due under an agreement under Article 218 of the Social Security Act within 3 days of the expiry of a period of eight months, this 3-day requirement is amended to a 7-day requirement for wages paid before 1 October 1987 and a 5-day requirement for wages, which were paid after 30 September 1987 and before 1 October 1988. .