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Jquery License Agreement

Is it possible to re-grant a license without modification under a compatible license? DEVEXPRESS licenses the SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT(S) per developer. If you represent a company and/or public body, you or your collaborators may install, copy and use the Software Development PRODUCT(s) by acquiring a 12-month subscription to DEVEXPRESS or its authorized resellers for any developer using the SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Products in accordance with Section 9 of this AGREEMENT. The number of licensed developers using the SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT(S) must be equal to or less than the number of jobs acquired by DEVEXPRESS or its authorized resellers. All demos and examples, whether displayed in a project repository or on a project website, will be published under the license terms indicated in the corresponding repository. We need real free software rather than software with conditions. GPL is a parasite when people ask me, I say, skip it and find something that is licensed under BSD. Projects referring to this document are published under the terms of the MIT license. . . .