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Slh Tenancy Agreement

During this first year, your neighbourhood management officer visits you after a month, six months and finally nine months. All tenants who manage their departure rental appropriately and responsibly have converted their rental into a guaranteed rental after twelve months. This grants you certain additional rights under the terms of your agreement, for example the possibility, under. B subject to our permission, to make modifications/improvements to your home. However, as a novice tenant, you are not eligible to purchase your home. In principle, all new SLH tenants are placed on a start-up lease. This is, in fact, a 12-month trial lease that allows SLH to ensure that you settle into your new home and that any difficulties that may arise in the property can be highlighted and resolved from the beginning. South Liverpool Homes (SLH), which is responsible for managing more than 3,700 homes in the Speke and Garston areas, recently amended its lease for new tenants. As a tenant of SLH, regardless of the type of lease you have, your responsibilities and obligations as a tenant with regard to the management of your rental, your family and visitors remain the same. “The flood of knife crime is a real problem in our communities and the addition of this new clause to our lease is a step to help police fight this scourge.

Stephensons will assist SLH in the drafting and negotiation of development contracts and provide legal support in real estate development, construction and procurement. The firm has extensive experience in this area and serves a wide range of public sector clients across the UK. At the end of the start-up rental period, you will become an insured tenant. Anyone who is an existing SLH tenant and already has an insured tenancy will stick to this type of lease, even if you move to another property in our Speke and Garston neighborhoods. If you would like more information about the type of agreement you are on or the type of agreement you would have if you had received a house with us, please contact us using the form below. To simplify the process, we launched a tenant workshop for the first time for customers who have not yet had a rental. SLH takes all aspects of a good tenant and a good neighbor seriously. If you do not make your rental in an acceptable manner, SLH may take steps to terminate your rental, regardless of the type of agreement you have.

SLH has three main types of rentals: all tenants who were previously tenants of Liverpool City Council when the houses were transferred to the management of SLH, which took place on 4 October 1999, will be on protected guaranteed rental agreements. This agreement allowed existing tenants to retain the rights they had when the houses were transferred with Liverpool City Council. This agreement is similar to a promised agreement, but you have the right to buy your home as a condition of that agreement. Workshops cover everything you need to know before moving into a new home, including practical things like paying rent and other bills and your responsibilities as a tenant. Stephensons expands its sales team with a new dispute resolution specialist “We are also working with other social providers to hopefully encourage them to follow the same path.” Renting your own home for the first time can be overwhelming for many people. Gareth Rigby, Head of Assets at SLH, said: “Following a detailed evaluation of the purchases and tenders, we are delighted that Stephensons has been appointed as a legal partner for development services and look forward to building a strong and long-term partnership.” For more information on South Liverpool Homes, please visit: slhgroup.co.uk Head of Property at Stephensons, David Baybut, said: “It is a pleasure to be able to work with SLH to continue their excellent work to improve the lives of their tenants and create an ever stronger community in South Liverpool. Please visit our Think South Liverpool to find out more and see if you are eligible. “We want to build safe and supportive communities where people feel happy and safe at home, and we hope this approach will send a strong message to the community that we will not tolerate any form of illegal activity in our homes.” South Liverpool Homes (SLH) is a not-for-profit company that provides housing and property management for 3,700 properties.

SLH aims to transform South Liverpool through major investments, pioneering partnerships and working with the local community to ensure tenants receive the best possible service. The plan is backed by Merseyside Police, who launched Operation Target in July – a violence-scale campaign to tackle serious and violent crime, including knife crime, in Merseyside. As a tenant of an insured tenancy, you are not eligible for the Sale Act, but you may be entitled to the right to purchase. A Liverpool housing association will remove rentals from anyone living on its properties who has been convicted of a stabbing offence. In addition to our properties that are available at an affordable rent, we also have properties available through affordable homeownership programs such as Rent to Buy and Shared Ownership. National law firm Stephensons has appointed a new lawyer to its Commercial Litigation Division. Winston Kan, a dispute resolution lawyer, joins the firm from OGR Stock Denton LLP in London. In his role with Stephensons,. Stephenson`s of South Liverpool Homes (SLH) rental fraud occurs when a person lives in an SLH home but is not entitled to it. Learn more. “If the fear of losing their home because they were convicted of carrying or using a knife means they think twice, then it will succeed.” We consider this appointment to be a tremendous success for our firm and continue to build on our already excellent reputation in this area of work. This is a recognition of the dedication and skills of our team and we look forward to working with SLH for the benefit of their tenants.

Julie Marsh, Managing Director of Neighbourhood Management at South Liverpool Homes, said: “As a housing association, our mission is to provide more than just a roof over people`s heads and tackling anti-social behaviour is an essential part of our work. People who choose to carry knives must realize that not only are they putting themselves and others at risk, but they are also having consequences for their actions. “I am pleased that SLH has taken this robust approach in this regard. Stephensons, the national law firm, has been hired to provide development legal services to South Liverpool Homes Limited following a tendering process. Municipal Police Inspector Paul Holden said: “We work closely with a number of our partner agencies, including housing associations, as we know that tackling the problem of knife crime is not something we can do alone. A clause has been added stating that SLH will take legal action that could cause the tenant to lose his home if a tenant or member of the household is convicted of carrying a knife or committing a crime with a knife or blade object. .