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New shipment of Quilter amps just in

We just received a new shipment of Quilter amps. We have the Micropro 200 in 8 inch and 12 inch. The Avaitor is in 12 inch and 8 inch. We have the popular Microblock 45 and 101 Reverb. Click for Quilter Amps

The Last Kamaka 100th Anniversary Ukulele Is In!

We just received a rare Kamaka 100th Anniversary Baritone Ukulele. Kamaka is finishing up the last of the 100th Anniversary edition Ukulele’s. We have a good stock in at the start of June. The Kamaka Ukuleles traditionally sell out quickly.

A New Shipment of Kamaka 100th Anniversary Ukuleles Just Arrived 4-28

Nuff said! We received 7 Kamaka Ukulele’s in all sizes. First come first serve 🙂  http://shop.theblueguitar.com/collections/kamaka-ukulele

Blue Guitar is your Taylor 12 String Guitar Resource

We just got in the new for Taylor 552ce Grand Concert 12 String along with the 150e, 456ce and the Mighty 656ce 12 strings. Hands down Taylor is the Only Brand of 12 string guitar you want to own. They are the easiest to play 12 string,  They do not fall apart down the road […]

Vintage Tube Amp Sale

The Blue Guitar has many vintage tube amps. We do not put them on our website as we do not like to ship them. Now through Black Friday weekend take an additional 15% off our normal price of any Used Vintage Tube Amp. In-Store sales only. We currently have an Ampeg Fliptop, Hiwatt 100 watt […]

Blue Guitar Orange Amp Blow Out!

We are having a Orange Amp Blow Out. In- store sales only. Take a whopping 50% off the manufacturer retail. Usually the discount is about 10%. We have at the moment Tiny Terrors, heads, cabs, and combo’s 4X12 2X12, Rockerverb 2X12 combo, OR15, 8 inch cabs.  Starts right this minute until is’s all gone.

The Quilters are in!

We have a whole slew of New Quilter amps in. We have the Micropro 200 Mach2 in 8 inch and 12 inch with a 10 inch to arrive Thursday. We also have the 8 inch and 12 inch Aviator’s in as well.  

Taylor Guitars Introduces The New 614ce for 2015

The Blue Guitar has received the brand new for 2015 Taylor 614ce. Andy Powers has redesigned the 614ce and has created an unbelievable Maple Guitar. If you want the depth and resonance of Rosewood with a big sparkle on top, this is a guitar for you. See the new 614ce in-stock at the Blue Guitar. […]

Vintage Amplifiers at The Blue Guitar

Like many shops we stock vintage guitar amplifiers but do not like to ship them thus they rarely make it to the website. We currently have in stock: Fender 1963 Blond Bassman Head $1299.00 Vox 1994 AC30TBX with British Vox Blue Speakers $1799.00 Vox 2003 AC30HW Hand Wired $3600.00 Marshall 1989 ‘1962’ 2X12 Bluesbreaker Re-issue […]

The Blue Guitar welcomes Quilter Amps

The Blue Guitar had heard about the Quilter amps but weren’t convinced until we had one in front of us. Getting new brands into The Blue Guitar is like…well Rare. When I got to demo one I could not believe my ears. I’ve had dozens of Tube amps over the years and can be considered […]