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The Blue Guitar welcomes Quilter Amps

The Blue Guitar had heard about the Quilter amps but weren’t convinced until we had one in front of us. Getting new brands into The Blue Guitar is like…well Rare. When I got to demo one I could not believe my ears. I’ve had dozens of Tube amps over the years and can be considered a ‘Tube Snob’. Yes there have been great solid-state amps over the years. Polytone, Standell…but they have mainly been used by Jazz or Country players. To my ears the ‘Modeling’ amps sounded more like a recording of myself than me actually playing through the amp. What had been lost with solid-state amps was the ‘touch dynamics’ of  a Tube amp.
The Quilter is a two channel, 200 watt, solid state amp. There is a Clean channel which works for Acoustic guitar and has an input for a microphone. Channel two is an everything Channel. Spanky clean Fender, Marshall Brown Sound, In Your Face Hiwatt and yes my favorite Tweed Deluxe. Although there is a Clean mode or a Tweed mode these are just starting places. I can set the amp up for a Clean, Dirty, Solo setting with the inluded two button footswitch. The amp cleans up so well , I can go from Chet Atkins Clean to Live at Leeds, all with the volume knob on my guitar. Oh! and Lightweight. under 20 pounds for the Micropro 8 up to 26 pounds for the Micropro 12. The amps come in either an 8″, 10″ or 12″ Celestion speaker priced $899.00, $949,00 and $999.00. All amps included a cover and a two button, programable footswitch.  The 8 inch Micropro 8 is the Flagship of the line and can tear the roof of a Church. Come try one out and become a Quilter beliver. -DeForest

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