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Zion Sues To End Agreement With Marketing Firm

According to the complaint, Ford Williamson struck in North Carolina, but neither they nor Prime Sports are registered as agents of athletes in the state. Kelly Feld is the most fun team of his three seasons with UCLA, but another losing season means another disappointing year for Bruins fans. Five days after the declaration for the 2019 NBA Draft, Williamson signed a marketing contract with Gina Ford and Prime Sports. The agreement contained a clause stating that it could not be terminated for five years. The contract contained a clause prohibiting termination within the first five years of the agreement and, according to Wojnarowski, Prime Sports responded to Williamson`s lawsuit by threatening to sue him for $100 million in damages. Contact between Prime Sports and Williamson was established in early 2019, with legal documents stating that the agency`s employees traveled four times to Durham, North Carolina, to meet with the player and his family. Williamson signed with CAA to be his agent and take control of his marketing, but he already had a marketing contract with Prime Sports. Now Williamson is suing Prime to withdraw from that contract, reports ESPN`s Adrian Wojnarowski. CAA Sports announced that it had signed Williamson on May 30 in a contract negotiation and marketing contract. The Duke star`s family then announced to Prime Sports on May 31 that they were resuscathing their agreement, followed by a letter from Williamson`s lawyers, in which the point was repeated on June 2, according to court documents. Prime Sports responded on June 4 by saying that williamson, if it terminated the agreement, would sue for damages in more than $100 million. “Prime Sports Marketing, LLC and President Ford assert that between Prime Sports Marketing, LLC and Zion Williamson, there is a valid and enforceable contract that, on its terms and conditions, is governed by Florida state laws. Zion Williamson, who qualified for the NBA project on April 15, 2019 or about April 15, 2019, knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily entered into a contract with Prime Sports Marketing, LLC, whose terms stipulate that Prime Sports Marketing, LLC, for a period of five years (5) years, must serve as exclusive marketing/branding/endorement consultants.¬†Williamson is also set to be a marketing bonus outside the spot – he could pull the biggest rookie shoe market since LeBron James before entering the field.

And that`s just the tip of the iceberg. In Florida this month, Ford`s attorney presented a list of questions that asked whether Williamson or someone on his behalf had sought or accepted “money, benefits, favors or other valuables” to sign with Duke. Prime Sports President Gina Ford, who was cited as an accused along with her company, did not send an email requesting a comment. This is the control of Williamson`s marketing rights, which will be a large amount of money. Especially if he lives up to the high expectations about his potential as a franchise player. The appeal asks the court to quash the agreement and ask Prime Sports to act on Williamson`s behalf. Agents must be registered in the state. It also requires contracts to include a warning that athletes are losing amateur license, as well as the language that states that athletes have 14 days to cancel the contract. RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – Former Duke star Zion Williamson has denounced the termination of his contract with a sports marketing company and says the agency is violating North Carolina`s sports agents law.

Jeffrey S. Klein, a lawyer for Williamson, told ESPN in a statement: “Prime Sports Marketing Acts against Mr. Williamson have openly violated the north Carolina statute, which is specifically intended to protect student athletes. Mr. Williamson duly exercised his legal rights to invalidate his business dealings with Prime Sports Marketing. Prime Sports Marketing`s constant threats against Mr.