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California Family Fitness Membership Agreement

I am in the same situation as Nguyen. Jose Aranda told me they had $1 for the trial. I had no money at the time and borrowed $1 from another student for this attempt. They asked for the bank details and the driver`s license, but at the time, I didn`t have the driver`s license on me. I recalled that Jose told me that I could contact him later to fill out the form. But I never called him. Now I have discovered that the rest of the form has been completed without the need for driver`s license information. I was on a one-year contract with $75 a month. I`m trying to cancel it and I have to pay $300. I called Jose Aranda to confront me, and he turned the story around and said it was a $1 initiation. He also said that he emailed me a copy of the form and the membership card that I never received. “We were happy to refund this student`s memberships in the face of the misunderstanding,” McCauley said. This weekend, he met a classmate who had experienced the same situation and returned to the Cal Fit booth to terminate his membership.

Jones agreed to resign on the condition that the student give him $5 in cash. There was no receipt of the transaction. Members of Cal Fit, we`d love to hear from you! What are you doing? Why is fitness important to you? I went through the same situation through Randy Jones and Cal Fit Vendors at my university on the Consumnes River. I`m going through the same distress and wondering if someone could help me win against California Family Fitness. I was approached and quickly brought to sign parts of a contract when I was told it was just a dollar. A month later, I was charged $100. I was not informed of a $300 cancellation fee and was not informed that it was a 12-month membership. They added payments to my contract even without my knowledge and signed my initials in parts I didn`t sign. We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of your fitness goals.

If you need to take a break or take a detour from your current membership, that`s okay. Visit cancelcalfit.com to complete and file an online withdrawal form. Once your request to terminate the membership has been received and approved by our head office, you will receive an email confirmation of your termination within 7-10 business days. “We have confirmed that the student mentioned in the article has signed the attached confirmation in addition to the contractual affiliation agreement,” McCauley said in an email Monday. According to the contract letter between Cal Fit and SO&L, sent to The State Hornet, the latest contract between the two provided that Cal Fit will pay a daily fee of 114 $US to tick on campus. At California Family Fitness, we have all the fitness equipment you need for a great workout. And it`s all outside and covered, so you can train in the rain or the sun! Body Fit is a unique fitness experience taught by certified personal trainers who have the ability to tailor small group workouts to your fitness level. These workouts are grouped into teams of 6 to 16 people to create a positive, friendly and community atmosphere for members of all ages and fitness levels. Thank you for that question.

We strive to provide all our members with a friendly, safe and clean environment that they can enjoy while striving to achieve their health and fitness goals. Our gym members contribute to this atmosphere by being polite and respectful of each other. You can click here for helpful suggestions on positive fitness etiquette at California Family Fitness. Yes, our group fitness classes are free with your California Family Fitness membership! We offer membership packages for individuals, couples and families. You can choose monthly prices or choose prices for a period of 12 to 24 months to save extra money. We have different levels of membership, including our genant experience, which includes: www.trifectanutrition.com/california-family-fitness Our clubs are closed today, but we`re coming back tomorrow morning at 7:00am! From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! 🧡🍂🦃 According to McCauley, Cal Fit`s membership policy provides for the recognition and signing of a form stating that potential members sign up for a 12-month contract with Cal Fit. . . .