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Step Down Agreement Definition

If early`s help teams are the lead professional and the concerns are immediate child protection, frontline employees should notify their supervisor (or assistant/duty manager) The Early Help Manager will discuss with First Response and as soon as an agreement has been reached with a MASH manager to expedite a case, the Early Help Manager will go to a first manager at MASH and you will have a new Social Ers Care Contact on behalf of Early Help. (These discussions should start following a security approach in order to promote the integration of the approach into the 4 areas covered). If mash`s step-up is not accepted; Early`s support team should respond to all appropriate recommendations. If you think that the legal intervention threshold has been reached, this should be escalated if necessary with your Early Help Manager, who will speak with the early support team and the Locality Head of Service if necessary. Cases where there is no agreement between managers should be intensified to discuss and in agreement with the local head of the department and the service manager. The current assessment and plans should be available and provide a timeline of the most important events, as well as an overview of a security approach in order to support the integration of the approach into the 4 areas covered. If duty manager cannot participate in these meetings, they should ensure that they discuss all stages of the early help service with the reception manager, early help duty manager or Triage Manager. .