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What Is A Service Agreement

The Material Ownership Clause declares that the materials developed as part of the Services are the exclusive property of the Customer. The clause further specifies that the Service Provider cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the use of said materials for services other than those contracted in the contract. A contract that meets these requirements is considered legally enforceable, which means that one party can sue the other party if it fails to comply with the terms of the contract. The difference between an agreement and a contract is murky in the following examples. If two friends meet for dinner and a friend doesn`t show up, there`s nothing the other friend can do to get compensation for their wasted time because it was an agreement to do something, not a contract. b. the identification of persons or groups of persons to provide the services; 9.1 Mutual Guarantees. Each party represents and warrants to the other that: (a) this Agreement constitutes a valid and binding agreement enforceable against that party in accordance with its terms; and (b) no approval or approval of any third party is required in connection with that party`s performance and delivery of the Purchase Order or the performance of this Agreement.9.2 Our Warranty. We guarantee that the service delivered to you during the duration of the order form will substantially comply with the specifications of the respective order form. You must notify us of any claim under this warranty within 30 days of the date the condition first occurs. We also guarantee that we will provide professional and professional services in accordance with the purchase order. To the extent permitted by law, your sole and exclusive remedy resulting from a breach of warranty or in connection with a breach of warranty will be limited to correcting the non-conforming Service or re-performing the Professional Service, as the case may be, or, if the correction or re-performance is not commercially reasonable, terminating the applicable purchase order and refunding the prepaid fee for the relevant Service. or professional services.9.3 Sensitive personal data.

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